Property Purchase Advice in Yarmouth

Whether you’re an individual trying to buy a property, or you’re a business manager trying to purchase a property for your company’s new office, then the services of a professional property surveyor will usually be needed. If you live in the Yarmouth area of the Isle of Wight, and need an expert property services then you should get in touch with Chris Ledger today. I have many years of experience in helping clients within the Yarmouth area, and clients regularly use my services.

I offer a wide range of surveying and valuation services, and many clients in the area pass on my details to any friends they have who require my expertise. From party wall surveyor services to dilapidation surveys and property inspections, you can trust me to give you the professional advice you need to purchase a property if you’re in the Yarmouth area. Call me today if you need my services and I’ll be happy to advise you.

About Yarmouth

Yarmouth is not only the smallest town in the UK, it is also the oldest settlement on the Isle of Wight.

It was called Eremue – meaning muddy estuary – by the Danes in 991. Yarmouth Castle was built in 1547 by Henry VIII to guard the Solent against invaders.

The pier was built in 1876 and is the oldest timber pier in England – it is now Grade II listed.