Understanding Your HomeBuyer Report

A HomeBuyer Report is a survey carried out on a home to evaluate the condition and standard of a property. Having a HomeBuyer Report is an essential for anyone interested in purchasing a new or old property, offering you an accurate valuation on all costs involved in the purchase of the home, flat or apartment.

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor can provide all home buyers throughout the Isle of Wight with professional and accurate surveys of any property. We ensure the entire home is in great condition and that there are no major defects that could affect the price of the property due to repairs being needed.

Why Use A HomeBuyer Report?

As a home is usually the most expensive purchase you will make in your life, a comprehensive HomeBuyers Report should always be used. Whilst there are other survey options that you can choose from, which could be cheaper, they do not give the same detail and information of a HomeBuyer Report. There are two options when choosing a HomeBuyer report:

  • Survey
  • Survey & Valuation

A HomeBuyer Report with valuation will not only value the actual property. It also gives you information and advice on all defects within the property and the value of repairs and ongoing maintenance that would have to be carried out for safety reasons. Whilst a survey alone is still very detailed and will make you aware of defects and what action should be taken, it does not consider the costs of these actions, leaving you uncertain on the true value of any property.

Regardless of whether a property is brand new or over 50 years old, HomeBuyer Reports should still be used as a precaution. If you are unsure on the structure and condition of any home, these reports will put your mind at ease, evaluating every detail to see if the property is a suitable purchase.

What’s Included In A HomeBuyer Report?

Within a HomeBuyer Report, you may not receive details about every single inch of the property, however you will receive all details about any defects or flaws within the building. A HomeBuyer report offers more extensive details compared to other surveys that are available before buying the home, making it the most suitable option whenever you are looking to buy.

During the actual survey, investigation of all the sections within the property that are visible will be evaluated. However, carpets, wiring and other moveable objects will not be touched, so only sections of the house that are visible will be evaluated.

Despite this, defects such as structural problems, subsidence and damp will be evaluated in and outside of the house. With any defects that are found, your HomeBuyer Report will address every issue, meaning you have a good understanding of what problems the property currently has. Along with each defect, you will receive advice and estimates regarding the cost of repair to each defect, allowing you to create more accurate valuations of every property based on its structure and condition.

You should always choose to have HomeBuyer Reports carried out by RICS Chartered Surveyors. Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor ensures an accurate report is completed and you have the advice needed to purchase the right property for a fair value.

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