Do you need to understand a Building Condition Survey in more depth?

Preparing building condition surveys for homes all over the Isle of Wight and the UK is something I carry out on a regular basis. As a chartered surveyor operating on period homes, listed buildings and residential dwellings, I have the experience needed to talk you through a building condition survey from start to finish.

Read on below to get a step by step run through of a building condition survey that could be carried out at your property.

Scope of Instructions

The introduction to the survey covers any instructions that the homeowner, potential homeowner or chartered surveyor has in mind. Making sure that no documents were ever duplicated without the authority of the surveyor, all legalities are stated before the property address and client address is recorded.


This section covers the client’s name and address. This doesn’t have to be the same address as the property in hand as you may not have purchased the said property yet.

Property Address

This is obviously the address of the property in hand that is having the building condition survey carried out.

Circumstances of Inspection

This section will state the circumstances of the property while the inspection was carried out. Whether it was occupied, fully furnished, part-furnished or empty, this needs to be recorded as it will obviously effect the depth of the building survey.

Date of Survey

Here is where the date of the survey is recorded. Not the date of when the survey was requested but the actual date the surveyor was at your property.


We even record the weather on the survey so that you are aware of the totally conditions on the day.

Limitations of Inspection

This section is highly important as it states where there were limitations throughout the inspection. These can vary from minor limitations to huge blocks in the road and some include:

  • Fully furnished
  • Occupants on site
  • Floors covered
  • Concealed valleys to the main roof
  • Risks that certain areas of high importance were inaccessible and unexposed

Information Relied Upon

Covering any information that was sourced from elsewhere, this section will let the homeowner or the client know of any other information from either the energy performance certificate, queries raised at the time and the environmental agency.

All surveyors when carrying out building condition surveys will check with the environmental agency for flood risks in and around the property, the condition of insulation on the energy performance certificate and any other questions that were answered from the vendors on site.