Establish the Value of the Property in both it’s Undamaged and Damaged Condition

If you are unfortunate enough to have to dealt with a claim for subsidence to your property, these claims are often dealt with on the basis of diminution in market value.

Under these circumstances, part of the claim process will often be the obtaining of independent market valuations, to establish the value of the property in both its undamaged and damaged conditions.

Subsidence is the process that occurs when the ground beneath your house sinks or collapses, and takes some of the foundations of the building with it. If you are unsure whether your house is subsiding, I can carry out a full inspection on your property to determine if it is or not.

I can carry out an accurate valuation for your property to determine its market value, enabling you to make a claim. The extent of your claim depends on your insurance policy, as some may cover the surrounding structures of your property as well as the building itself. Items that could be covered are the fence, patio, driveway and garden wall.

Minor subsidence damage can usually be easily repaired, and your insurance company will usually pay out quickly and repairs can be carried out immediately. For more severe damage, subsidence is likely to be an ongoing issue and your building will need regular monitoring.

In some of the more extreme cases of subsidence, your house may need to be underpinned, which involves the strengthening and deepening of the buildings foundations. If the damage is so severe that you can’t stay in your house, then your insurance company will usually cover the amount required to find you alternative accommodation whilst the repairs are being carried out.

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