Set the right Initial Asking Price

When considering selling their property, most people will ask one or more estate agents to advise on an appropriate asking price. This can lead to a situation where agents know that they may be in competition to gain the instruction, and there may be a temptation to inflate the valuation in order to gain an instruction.

The greatest amount of interest in any property is normally when it is fresh to the market, and in order to maximise the chances of selling, the initial asking price needs to be set at the correct level.

Our surveyors can carry out a detailed property valuation on your house, taking into account a number of factors- the age of your home, size of your garden, the number of bedrooms, the structural integrity and the condition of all the features of your property. This will allow me to produce an accurate initial asking price for the sale of your house.

If the property is out of the ordinary, a vendor may also find a wide variation in the valuations given by agents, and whilst the temptation will always be to go with the highest figure, this may detract from the chances of selling during that all important initial marketing period.

Similarly, if purchasing, particularly without a mortgage, a purchase valuation may be appropriate.

Although this is not a substitute for a more detailed form of survey such as a Homebuyers or Building Survey, it can be a useful tool for those purchasers who require some reassurance as to the general condition of the property and advice on value, but do not wish to go to the extent or expense of a full survey.

I can carry out an independent purchase valuation on a house you are interested in buying and provide an assessment on it, which can determine the condition of it and if it requires any repairs or maintenance work. This allows you to make a more informed decision, without having a full survey.

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