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If you’re building a new property, or you’re in the process of buying an existing one, you will know that it’s is paramount importance to get a professionally qualified Chartered surveyor in to carry out the surveying process. Chris Ledger has been operating within the Newport area on the Isle of Wight for many decades. During that time he has developed an outstanding relationship with his clients in supporting them with issues such as matrimonial ownership issues and subsidence problems.

Chris has the knowledge and experience to provide outstanding services to his clients and is why much of the work he gets comes via word of mouth from clients within the Newport area of the Isle of Wight, then you should consider getting in touch with me today. Because of my extremely competitive prices, you can be assured of a cost-effective service.

Our Building Surveys

Building surveys will evaluate the design and construction of every property. They can be used when purchasing a new property or having an extension or construction work added to your home. A building surveyor will inspect the condition of your home and ensure it is safe for purchase or construction work to begin. If any problems are found, repairs or maintenance could be required to restore its original condition.

Building surveys are most commonly needed for larger houses or older properties. Having a chartered building surveyor available will mean reports are always accurate and the property will be inspected correctly, without error. As building surveys go into more detail than any other surveys available, this is the best choice if you are worried about the condition of the property.

If you are planning major works on an old or run-down property, building surveys are essential for construction to be completed safely. During a building survey, checks will be made for:

  • Major & Minor Defects
  • Repair & Maintenance Costs
  • Repairs & Maintenance Needed

Identifying repairs and maintenance needed will also give you a more accurate valuation of the property, as any costs from repairs will be considered as well. Once the property has been inspected and any issues have been taken into account, Chris Ledger will always create a final report containing all details of the property. Although building surveys can often cost more than Homebuyers Surveys or Market Valuation, this will include more detail than both these surveys. It will also have the valuation of the property and often takes longer to complete.

As building surveys offer recommendations and advice on how to resolve any issues in the property before purchase or construction work, it is a great option. Your property should always be kept in the best condition and this can always be checked by a building surveyor.

Surveys & Inspections

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor has a wide range of surveys and inspections available to every property in Newport. Chris Ledger can always advise you on which service would be most suitable for your requirements before beginning a survey or inspection. We can also help settle any disputes and remove any issues regarding your property. Our services available include:

  • Building Condition Reports
  • Building Survey
  • Homebuyers Survey
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Market Valuation
  • Matrimonial
  • Probate Valuations
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Shared Ownership
  • Structural Inspections
  • Subsidence Claims

With a wide range of services available to clients, we can advise you through every process. Chris Ledger provides a personal service, ensuring you always receive the assistance you need purchasing any property. In addition to this, as a chartered surveyor, all work Chris completes is to the expected standard of a qualified surveyor and you will never risk inaccurate reports.

Offering insurance valuations, your can ensure your property will be fully insured for the right price. Many properties are only insured for their value, rather than rebuild valuation which is a major risk. We can inspect any cracks and defects within the property and advise on repairs, whilst also offering a valuation of insurance for any insurance costs in the future that you should be insured on.

About Newport

Newport is the main town on the Isle of Wight and is in the middle of the island on the River Medina.

Settled by the Romans, there is an excavated Roman Villa near to Newport which is open to the public. St Thomas Minster is the main church in Newport and is the burial place of Princess Elizabeth Stuart in 1650.

The original building was 12th century and dedicated to St Thomas Becket. However, when the church was rebuilt in the mid-1800’s, it was dedicated to both St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas the Apostle.

Building Inspection In Newport

Newport is the second biggest town on the Isle of Wight and is the central capital on the island. With a population of over 25,000, it is one of the main areas throughout the Isle of Wight and a fantastic place to work and live within. Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor has always worked throughout the Newport area, providing inspections to any property you require. If you are located in this area, it is important to have surveys completed by qualified professionals.

There are several points of interest throughout the Newport area, making it a fantastic location to live and work throughout. Just some of the best areas include Monkey Haven, Carisbrooke Castle, Robin Hill Country Park and Quay Arts. As Newport is also at the centre of the Isle of Wight, it offers easy travel to the rest of the Island, making it an ideal place to live in, no matter which towns you visit on a frequent basis.

Chris Ledger will always provide a quick response to clients in the Newport area, offering a quick inspection and survey of any property you require. Having worked throughout this area since being established and having completed surveys in Newport previously, Chris Ledger is well equipped to finish any jobs here quickly. All clients in this area should have a qualified building surveyor you can always approach for any sized job.

Why Choose Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor?

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor has over 25 years of experience completing a selection of surveys and inspections throughout Newport. Working on many properties, Chris Ledger can dedicate himself to every job, producing the best outcome for you with detailed and in-depth reports on every property he inspects and surveys.

With great knowledge of the industry, Chris Ledger understands what every property requires and can complete accurate surveys to give you a good understanding. Moving house or completing construction work is a difficult process for many people and with the advice of a qualified building surveyor, this is process is made much easier. Having completed over 500 surveys in the past, Chris Ledger is well experienced for any situation.

With several surveys available and great prices available for each service, you will be given every detail of the property. If you are worried about its current condition, foundations or structure, a building surveyor will evaluate the condition effectively to put your mind at ease or inform you of the repairs needed. Chris Ledger will always leave you satisfied with the work that has been completed and the final property report.

Book Building Surveyor In Newport

If you need to book a building surveyor in the Newport area, Chris Ledger will always be on hand to meet your needs. Chris Ledger can provide surveys and inspections of any property in Newport for a fantastic price. To book an inspection or survey today or find out more about the services, contact us today. Call now on 01983731198 or 07866041533 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.


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