Insurance Valuation

Many properties on the market are insured for their market value but not for their rebuild valuation which is a major risk with all property matters. A reliable valuation is able to analyse and comment on the condition of the property and is often known as an Insurance Reinstatement Figure.


The reasoning behind an insurance valuation is to apply technique and knowledge in order to create an assumptive price on the whole property if insurance was ever needed to fall back on. Some cases that need this type of valuation include:

  • Rebuilding a property and an insurer has asked for a specialist examination of the costs
  • If you have any doubts that your insurance is not applicable
  • If you feel you are being over-insured or under-insured
  • If you ever need to undertake an insurance claim that states you need a clear and expert insurance valuation

The main purpose of the Insurance Valuation is to establish the overall insurance value of your property and making clear whether your property would cost more to rebuild than the actual market price it is listed for.

Looking in detail at the physicality of your property, I take into account size, construction condition, height of rooms, landscaping surroundings, location and any other elements that could affect the property. This can differ to your market valuation because in some cases the market price could be £400,000 but the insurance valuation is £500,000 due to the landscaping difficulties around it.

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