One of the Ultimate Financial Commitments of your Life

When you eventually commit to buying your first home, you more than likely look at its good points first. For example, you may like its individual charisma, its location or you may even fall in love with its stunning garden.

This can be great, but we advise that you may want to take a harder look at what’s beneath all the exterior work, remember you could be making one of the biggest financial commitments of your life.

In most cases its only after the offer has been made that people start worrying about the condition of the roof, boundaries and even fences that are about to fall apart, or even structure problems. This not only happens with older houses, but can affect new builds too.

Ideally what you need to know is: what are the major issues and how urgently do they require attention? Never rely on the current owner/vendor to point out faults – it’s entirely up to you to find out the issues before you commit to buy.

This I where I can help and answer any property inspection-related questions you may have. I am a fully qualified chartered surveyor, so you can be given assurance that my knowledge of health and safety legislation when it comes to properties is second to none. There are many kinds of inspections available, the question is, what kind of inspection do you require and who should carry out the inspection?

What Kind of Building Inspection?

Making the choice to determine what kind of inspection you require all depends on various aspects, including what type of property it is, the age of the property, its condition and how far your budget can stretch.