Independent Chartered Surveyor

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Fellows of the RICS

As accredited members of the RICS, I can meet all you surveying needs professionally.

More Wide-ranging than a Market Valuation

The Homebuyers Survey and report are much more comprehensive than the Market Valuation report and are carried out largely for your benefit. These reports are set out in standard layouts and require the assessor to take notes on the state of the structure at the time of inspection. The report includes the condition of the walls, roofing, guttering, drainage and decoration.

Open Market Valuation

This will reflect local market conditions and any special factors.

What is Checked?

Much more details are looked over than a Market Valuation, which include:

  • Roofing – Is it in good condition?
  • Guttering & Drain Pipes – Are they damaged or need replacing
  • Joinery & Decorations – Any evidence of woodworm?
  • Exterior Paintwork – Does it need a fresh coat?

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