Chartered Surveyor In Freshwater

Having a chartered surveyor cover every aspect of your property is essential to ensure valuation and safety of the property is accurate and at a high standard. Purchasing a property is a big moment in your life and you must ensure you make the correct purchase. Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor can ensure the property is in the best possible condition and suitable for purchase.

Surveys will check every aspect of the property and ensure there are no safety risks within the home you are purchasing. As well as providing an accurate valuation of the property, this will give you an insight into any costs and changes that need to be made. Chris Ledger provides surveying to any properties within the Freshwater area for competitive prices.

Our Surveys & Inspections

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyors has a huge selection of surveys, valuations, reports and inspections to every property. Every detail of the property and land you are purchasing will be checked before you finalise any details, providing a detailed report so you are happy with the property. The services that we have available when buying, selling or developing a property include:

  • Building Condition Reports
  • Building Survey
  • Homebuyers Survey
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Market Valuation
  • Matrimonial
  • Probate Valuations
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Shared Ownership
  • Structural Inspections
  • Subsidence Claims

The property in question must always be in good condition to be sold, built on or purchased and having the property checked first should always be an essential for you. Condition reports and homebuyer surveys will ensure the property is always in a suitable condition and will give you details of what changes need to be made to make the property safe once again.

Chris Ledger will complete all work accurately and to the highest possible standard. RICS Condition Reports will identify any major defects within the property or future repairs that may be needed if the condition worsens. This can help create a simple plan of your property or make a decision between different properties easier. Surveys and inspections should always be carried out by qualified chartered surveyors for an accurate report without any errors that could cost you more money.

The interior and exterior of the property is always inspected, as well as any other land that requires inspections. Whilst also providing a visual inspection, an accurate valuation of the home based on any major defects or issues that can be seen can be created. With a great understanding of property costs, Chris Ledger always creates an accurate valuation for properties in Freshwater.

Structural Inspections & Valuations

Structural inspections will cover your entire property and find any features that could become a problem for you in the future. Structural inspections will cover everything including cracks, alterations and any movement or changes that could occur in the future due to poor structure. Structural inspections should always be made if you have found a defect, would like advice or you have noticed alterations and cracks that have been made.

No matter what you require, with every structural inspection completed, a detailed report will also be given on your property and the condition of its structure. As experienced chartered surveyors, evaluations and inspections of every property are completed to the highest standard. Structural inspections will assess:

  • Any DIY Improvements That Can Take Place
  • Damage to Brickwork or Stonework
  • Damaged or Removed Lintels
  • If Supporting Walls Have Been Altered or Removed
  • Possible Areas of Concern

This gives you a more accurate cost of the property on top of the actual payment for the home, with any changes that should be made. Inspections will also check your roofing and the quality of materials and foundations within the property.

Along with our inspections, a full valuation of the property is provided. This includes the initial worth, costs of changes, insurance valuations and repairs that must be made.

Property Surveying In Freshwater

Freshwater is a large village on the Isle of Wight known for its fantastic scenery and Freshwater Bay, with a population of just over 5,300. Since being established, Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor has always worked throughout the area, providing a high standard of surveying to every property who requires surveying and inspections in the area.

There are many landmarks throughout Freshwater, making it a fantastic place to live and work throughout. Just some of the points of interest include Tennyson Down, Collwell Bay, Dimbola Museum & Galleries and The Archeology Discovery Centre. With so many fantastic places to visit throughout Freshwater, this is a great option to purchase any property or develop your current home.

Having always worked in Freshwater, Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor aim to be the first choice for any property inspections, reports and surveying services. Chris Ledger can provide a quick response to any clients in Freshwater, ensuring properties can be surveyed quickly by experts and fully qualified surveyors, without a long waiting time. Any enquiries will be answered with an extensive service available to meet any needs. Reports for any property in Freshwater can be given.

Choose Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor has over 15 years of general practice completing surveys and valuations throughout the Isle of Wight and in the Freshwater area. With great knowledge of the industry, advice on every aspect of your property can be provided to ensure you make the right decisions with your property.

Whenever you choose Chris Ledger, you will always be given a personal service and fully professional service, ensuring all work is carried out efficiently and any reports are completely accurate. Detailed reports are provided whilst staying within your budget and helping you find the ideal property to purchase. Having surveyed over 500 properties in the past and offering unbiased advice, Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyors are a great option no matter what you require.

Having been established for several years, Chris Ledger has dealt with many clients in the Freshwater areas and assures you of professional surveys. Purchasing your property is a big step in every life and ensuring the property is in good condition and risk free must be done by a chartered surveyor. Chris Ledger ensures this happens for clients and you are left fully satisfied with the work we complete.

Book Chartered Surveyors In Freshwater

If you require any property surveys and inspections in the Freshwater area, Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor are always available. To discuss the services available or to find out more details, do not hesitate to contact us. A quick response is always provided to every client. Call now on 01983731198 or 07866041533 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.


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