WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? Like all surveyors, I charge for my time used not my services specifically. This means that there is no standard fee when it comes to surveying unless it is a specific report you are looking for.

In my opinion, I like to take my time surveying properties which to some clients must seem like I am taking as long as possible on purpose. When really I am dedicated to my work and I will not rest unless I know I have found all defects at your property for your own benefit, not mine. If you limit the time I have at your property there are sure to be some defects that go un-noticed which only creates more problems and costs in the future.

My main aim is to provide my clients with low cost surveys at all times so that they are never out of pocket. To do this, I keep my prices competitive and affordable to all budget styles so that you can use my services again and again if needs be without breaking the bank.

Whatever the time used, survey required or final cost is, you are always guaranteed a high quality, reliable and professional service that rivals all other surveyors in the local area.

WHAT TYPES OF SURVEY ARE THERE AND WHICH IS BEST FOR ME? When it comes to surveys there are numerous types that can be carried out at your property. These include Building Surveys, Valuation Surveys and Homebuyer Surveys.

To find the survey that is suitable for you, you need to decide what you want the outcome of the survey to be. As they are specific for getting targeted results you need to use the services of the professionals to ensure a high class survey you can rely on.

ARE YOU FULLY QUALIFIED TO CARRY OUT THE SURVEYS AT MY HOME? With more than 25 years of experience in the industry I am more than qualified and experienced to carry out all types of surveys at your home. With  my knowledge and expertise I can deliver outstanding professional surveys with excellent customer service so that all of my clients feel comfortable with me at their home.

I believe that working relationships succeed from communication so I always inform you of the procedures being carried out at your property to build the trusting relationship you deserve when paying for my services.

WHAT DOES A HOMEBUYER SURVEY COVER? If your home is built after 1900 you can carry out a homebuyer survey as long as the building is in reasonable condition. Chris Ledger is a chartered surveyor, recognised and accredited by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and is more than qualified to carry out homebuyer reports at your property.

The homebuyer surveys are a simple report that outlines the construction elements at the property and points out any areas of defect that could be effecting the property value. This is particularly useful to the homebuyer as it allows you to make a decision about purchasing before going ahead with it and being left with a property that will need a lot of repair work (unless this is what you are looking for). The survey checks: Roof Quality, Guttering and Drain Pipe condition as well as all joinery and decorations for evidence of faults e.g. woodworm.

WHAT IS RICS? If you have been looking into surveyors and their services for a while you will have comes across the term RICS quite a few times.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is an independently ran organisation that always acts with the public’s best interests in mind when setting regulations and rules for surveyors to follow. It keep standards high at all times and ensures that all members are following the strict guidelines when working with their clients across the whole of the UK.

As an avid member of RICS with a broad knowledge of residential surveying, valuing, market valuations and probate issues, you can trust all of my surveys to meet the guidelines and regulations set out by RICS.

WHAT DO I DO IF A FAMILY MEMBER HAS PASSED AWAY AND LEFT BEHIND PROPERTY? If a family member has passed away and there is property involved then the procedure of probate will take place.

The overall value of their assets needs to be established in order to assess where the assets will be going. As property is often one of the largest, in size and wealth, pieces of asset we own it can often be the most difficult to deal with. The valuation survey needs to be carried out by professional and experienced surveyors which you will find here with Chris Ledger, Chartered Surveyor.


After all, it is your home, your property and you have the rights to be there whenever you want. I personally like to meet all of my clients, if they are willing, in order to build the trusting relationship that I believe needs to be present for a successful working relationship to occur. if you want to meet me then this needs to be arranged before finalising my services so I can create time for you.

I also advise that you wait for the final survey before arranging a meeting with me so that you can read through your survey and report to create and queries you may have. This means that I can answer them to the best of my ability as I will be familiar with your property once this has been carried out and you are getting the most out of my reliable and personal services.

HOW MUCH WILL A SURVEY COST ME AND IS IT WORTHWHILE? Most people think of chartered surveyors and surveys and see large price tags in order to get a professional service. However, here at Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor we provide the same high quality service you deserve without the hefty price tag attached.

We make it our aim to provide a professional service but also include value for money for your benefit. As the surveys are useful to uncover unexpected areas of defects and problems they are always worthwhile as they can deter further faults and save you money in the long run. With the potential savings and safety aspect of knowing the stability of your home you can have peace of mind knowing that the survey you requested has been worthwhile.

DO I REALLY NEED A BUILDING SURVEY? The simple answer is, Yes.

Even if you are moving into a new home it is good to keep in good practice and although most homes comes with guarantee, it is good to keep your own records of surveys carried out in case anything does go wrong. As new builds can have defects like any home can it is important that you cover yourself for future repairs.

The same answer stands for older buildings that are being bought or sold. This is to make sure that the building is structurally sound with no unexpected defects and so you are not entering into a building that is unsafe for habitants. With various surveys available you can get in touch with Chris Ledger to make sure you are choosing the right survey for your needs and your property.

IS A SURVEY ALSO A VALUATION? Although a survey does cover a lot of areas, do not be fooled when some surveyors or estate agents, say it is also a valuation.

A survey is not a valuation and never will be. When you work with estate agents they are more than likely providing you with a market appraisal and not a valuation.

The formally written document is produced by a RICS accredited surveyor and is something you can rely on time and time again. The valuation takes into account the location, accommodation and overall condition of the property as well as any defects before creating the final value or the property.

HOW DO I PREVENT DAMP & CONDENSATION? There are 5 common areas where mould and condensation occur in your property.

Some properties have these areas and need to take extra care when dealing with damp prevention in order to avoid further damages and costs. These areas are:
sloping ceilings in bedrooms, the area around windows and doors, bathroom and shower room ceilings, at the back of furniture that is against outside walls, leather furniture that is close to outside walls and also on clothes in wardrobes on the walls.

I recommend some simple steps to avoid damp and condensation that are: improving the warmth in the room, improving the insulation around the room including the walls and ceiling, improve the ventilation around the room.


In all valuations and condition reports I thoroughly check the condition of the roof and the drainage system at the property. Once these checks are carried out I look into the timbers, cold water tanks, insulation and underlining felt to make sure they are in reasonable condition.

I also check the drains for efficient drain covers and the surrounding ground area for any leaks or problem points that could effect the drainage.