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What is A Building Survey?

The Homebuyers Survey and Market Valuation are carried out with a typical property in mind, whereas a building survey is tailored to a specific property.

In certain instances a survey may be required. The surveyor will be working on behalf of you and will provide you with detailed information on the current state of the property, and any future repairs that may require attention.

The building survey will provide you with the surveyor’s expert view and offer advice on any specific worries you may have with the property in question.

If you have decided to buy a larger house or older property which could have underlying problems, it could pay dividends to have a building survey carried out. The complete survey can be significantly more costly than a Homebuyers Survey and Market Valuation, one of the reasons for this is it can take considerably longer to carry out.

A complete building survey will go into specific detail and comments will be raised on any faults of defects that may occur. The survey will also advise on recommendations about how the issues should be fixed and corrected. You may require further specialist surveys, such as drainage or even wiring assessments.

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