Building Condition Reports

Chris Ledger Chartered Surveyor provides homeowners around the whole UK and Isle of Wight with up to date building condition reports and more. As a report that is relevant in all property matters, the information provides insight into the property’s condition and overall health.


The building condition report is not to be confused with the RICS Condition Report as it holds the purpose of identifying major defects and future repairs in any property. Providing you with a straightforward plan on future expenditure, you are able to make sound decisions on whether a property is worthwhile or not.

Starting with a thorough inspection of the property both internally and externally, as a professional surveyor I look at chimneys, guttering, roofing solutions, windows and exterior walls to make a sound assumption of their condition. I also check roof spaces, ceilings, kitchens, walls, floors and can comment on electrical wiring and plumbing for a complete building condition report.

Work with Chris

Working with such a time-served surveyor means you are getting the finest quality of building condition report possible. Although this report does not include a valuation, you can also get this service from myself by contacting me today on 01983 731 198.