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Find out the Value of a Property?

Market valuation is not a survey but a valuation, comparable to one which a lending organisation can require in order to find out the value of the property. The inspection will be looking out for noticeable faults in fully reachable areas of the property. Recommendations will only be made if they are considered to significantly affect the value of the property/building. The lender, such as the bank or mortgage company will more than likely require you to fix the problems before they commit to lend the funds for the property.

What is actually checked?

The Market Valuation is only a visual inspection and nothing more, which are carried out by a fully qualified surveyor. The details in the reports can vary and might not go much further than a common depiction of the property.

Many of the larger lenders now provide a copy of the Mortgage valuation, which is carried out for their own mortgage purposes. The Market Valuation report will typically give an overall portrayal of the property and its features, for example is the property in easy reach of the town centre.

Various comments may be made on the current state of the building and the repairs that may be required.

Making the choice to determine what kind of inspection you require all depends on various aspects, including what type of property it is, the age of the property, its condition and how far your budget can stretch.

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