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Market valuation is not a survey but a valuation, comparable to one which a lender can require in order to find out the value of the property.
The building survey will provide you with the surveyor's expert view and offer advice on any specific worries you may have with the property in question.
The Homebuyers Survey & Market Valuation are carried out with a typical property in mind, whereas a building survey is tailored to a specific property.
A complete building survey will go into specific detail & comments will be raised on any faults  that may be found upon surveying the building.
If the property is out of the ordinary, a vendor may also find a wide variation in the valuations given by agents, and whilst the temptation will always be to go with the highest figure.
Shared Ownership
This is becoming an increasingly popular form of getting onto the property ladder, and gives the opportunity to increase the percentage of the property owned, as circumstances may permit.

The breakdown of a relationship may necessitate that the property be sold, this has become an increasingly common source of instructions for most property professional in recent years.


Property is often the largest single asset that any of us own, and if a valuation is required, then this has to be undertaken and presented in the correct format.